Is Your Baby Is Getting Enough From Breastfeeding


As a new breastfeeding mom, I get asked constantly, "Is your baby getting enough from breast milk?" Breast milk has been proven to be effective for the first six months of a baby's life, but beyond that, the health and nutritional needs of your baby can not be overlooked. There are plenty of solid foods and beverages that you can introduce to your baby while he is nursing but what about formulas?

Most modern formulas contain more than enough nutrients for infants under the age of six months. Some mothers have mixed their own milk with formula to create something that is closer to what their own milk would taste like. The most popular brand of formula on the market today is soy-based. Soy formula is nutritionally balanced and as experts note, there is no evidence that it is damaging to babies. However, the jury is still out on this one.

Many women choose to combine breastfeeding and formula because they feel that they need to maintain a balance between the two. In addition to these two important sources of nutrition, many infants do well on cereals and other food products made especially for babies. You can find these products at your local grocery store and they can be introduced slowly into your baby's diet, over the course of a couple weeks. These products can help your baby become accustomed to regular milk or other formulas. They can also help your baby develop a taste for cereals and other foods that he will probably never taste anything else of.

The most important question is, "Why is your baby getting enough from breastfeeding?" Breast milk contains all eight amino acids, which are the same basic building blocks of protein. In addition, the mother's hormones, particularly progesterone and estrogen, play an important role in determining the health of her baby. When either of these hormones decreases, so does the nutritional value of the milk. At first, breast milk will simply taste different and will not provide the necessary calories and nutrients needed by the baby.

Some women become frustrated at the lack of results from breastfeeding and often seek alternative means of nourishment. One way that some mothers have found success is learning to substitute soy milk or rice milk with breast milk. If this method doesn't work, then some mothers resort to formulas. Formulas were created specifically to meet the needs of infants. Therefore, if a formula is desired, it is important to read the ingredients to ensure that it is a complete and balanced meal.

With more research, it is possible that the answer to the question is your baby getting enough from breastfeeding is breastfeeding. Breast milk has always been the most natural form of nourishment available for babies. It is free of additives and is often rich in antibodies for the child's immune system. There are many ways that mothers find comfort in the bond that breastfeeding offers between mother and child.


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